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Foto Source is an alliance of over 125 Members that are owned and operated by independent photo retailers across Canada. As a Member, you would become part of one of the most dynamic and respected photographic buying/marketing groups in Canada.

It’s through our strength in numbers, our commitment to excellence and our sense of community that we help our Members succeed and thrive in the face of an ever-changing marketplace.

Why Join Foto Source?

  • Foto Source is owned and operated by Members
  • Members continue to operate as independent retailers. This is not a franchise operation.
  • Exceptional buying power and resources – we have the buying power of over 125 stores across Canada
  • Outstanding marketing initiatives including: Marketing Program option to have your Marketing materials created for you; Website; Social Media; e-Flyers; Online advertising; Printing and photo creations website solutions
  • Be part of a community with independent photo retailers like you. This is one of the greatest benefits of Membership that is often overlooked but greatly appreciated by our Members.
  • Maximum discounts and rebates with listed Vendors
  • Foto Source profits are distributed to the Members who are shareholders. Members can apply to become a shareholder after 1 year of Membership.
  • Efficient online buying from Vendors through the Foto Smart system
  • Rebates are paid out 100% to the Members within 60 days of receipt of the rebate
  • Full benefits of co-op
  • No fault camera warranty program
  • Annual General Meeting and Regional Meetings including seminars, training, and exchange of ideas
  • Open and honest exchange amongst Members at regional meetings
  • The ability to exchange merchandise among the Membership
  • Listed Vendors offering discounts or rebates in non-photographic areas such as insurance, clothing, business forms, credit card rates, and point of sale systems for your store

Prospective Members Of Foto Source Must Also Provide The Following:

  • One time administration fee of $500 + GST
  • Annual Membership fee, paid quarterly
  • Yearly purchase figures from four major Vendors
  • Current financial statement
  • Security agreement/Letter of Credit

Periodically, special offers are available on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis to the Members. Members are expected to support these initiatives as it is in their best interest and that of the group to do so. Various promotions are planned at the general meetings or by committee and participation by all Members is not mandatory but is expected. Rebates to Members are paid only on accounts that are current and in good standing. It is highly recommended that Members of Foto Source attend the general meetings where the goals and plans of the Membership are set and voted on. Each Member after becoming a shareholder has one vote regardless of size or number of locations.

New Member Application

If you are interested in joining Foto Source, please email:

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